Lost Colony Tavern

Lost Colony Tavern, Closed Labor Day

Closed Labor Day

By Paul Charron


Help Needed

By Paul Charron

Brewer's Prayer

By Paul Charron

Lost Colony Tavern, Beer Ranger rescues

Beer Ranger Rescues

By Paul Charron

The Beer Ranger truck had a busy week. Not only were we pouring Lost Colony Ales at six Taste of the Beach events we assisted in a few rescues.

Monday… A stranded college couple had a flat tire on NC 12 on Pea Island. Stopped to help when I noticed they were jacking the car up from the, as the gentlemen stated, the high side because the other side was where the flat was. Bless their hearts. (insert millennial joke here.) I will not say what college they attended but it is located west of Virginia.

Lost Colony Tavern, St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day

By Paul Charron

St Patrick’s Day is fast approaching! The Lost Colony Brewery and Café in down town Manteo will once again host the O’Brothers with their unique brand of songs, humor and tales.

The show is Saturday the 16th of March. (We know St. Paddy’s is the 17th but we have a parade to march in then) Our menu will take on a decidedly more Irish feel.

There will be a $10 cover and reservations are greatly encouraged.

Lost Colony Tavern, Ale-Conner


By Paul Charron

s it chance or is it fate?
Is it random or is it destiny?
Nurture or nature.

Hard to say. When I look at my genetic make up and see the sir name O’Conner so prevalent, I must wonder. Maybe beer was my calling from birth. Maybe brewing British Isle ales was my destiny.

Conner is an anglicized form of the Irish Gaelic Conchobhar, a compound name composed of “conn” meaning wisdom or counsel, and “cobhair” meaning aid. 
Wisdom and aid, yep that’s me. (please, stop laughing)

Lost Colony Tavern, People who treat restaurant table settings as party favors.

People Who Treat Restaurant Table Settings as Party Favors.

By Paul Charron


This is for every person who decides the settings on the tables of restaurants are party favors.


Years ago, an artist gave us 30 sets of personalized salt and pepper shakers for the tables. They all disappeared in months.

If you are adding salt to your eggs right now with my salt shaker, you suck.

Friday we were hit again by the “YOU SUCK” squad.

Lost Colony Tavern, Oysters and Beer!!

Oysters and Beer!!

By Paul Charron

Stumpy Point oyster Fest. this Saturday from 12 pm til 6 pm at the community center.

Tours and samples at the brewery right down the road in Stumpy Point across from the fishing fleet.

106 Highway 264 Stumpy Point N.C.

Lost Colony Tavern, Stumpy Point Oyster Festival

Stumpy Point Oyster Festival

By Paul Charron

My favorite philosopher once said, “give me oysters and beer for dinner every day of the year and I’ll be fine”.

Here is your chance to have oysters and beer.

Stumpy Point’s annual Oyster Festival is this Saturday. We had so much fun doing brewery tours last week we thought we would do it again this Saturday.

The office to tasting room/pub transition is further along.

Come on down and get your fill of oysters and then mosey on over to the brewery for the freshest ales you will ever have.