Lost Colony Tavern

Lost Colony Tavern, Beer Wars

Beer Wars

By Paul Charron

If you watched the Super Bowl, you may have also seen the Bud Light commercial throwing the “adjunct” gauntlet down in front of Coors and Miller. Coors and Miller use corn syrup in their beers. Corn syrup is an adjunct in beer.

 First let’s explain what adjuncts are. Adjuncts are anything added to beer that are not one of the four main ingredients, water, hops, malt and yeast.

Lost Colony Tavern, brewery help needed

Brewery Help Needed

By Paul Charron

Our beer factory is looking for some Oompa Loompas.

Well actually one good Oompa Loompa now and then another in about a month.

With our expansion we need more help.

Now, before all the couch potato, beer champions get too excited, let me say this, WE DO NOT DRINK BEER ALL DAY!

The right candidate needs to be mildly mechanically inclined, able to lift 50lbs (with or without grunting), follow strict procedures and tolerate all genres of music from blue grass to classical to rock.  Led Zeppelin is, however, strictly forbidden.

Lost Colony Tavern, Yeast 101

Yeast 101

By Paul Charron

Lost Colony Beer School 101


Ask a beer geek about their favorite beer and 94.3%, a number I made up for this post, will mention hops first,6.8% will mention malt first and 0% mention yeast.  

There was no need to make up stats. I have never been asked, “what is your yeast strain.”

 Yeast does matter. It determines the temperature you ferment at, the crispness of taste, the flavors in the beer and the type of beer.

Lost Colony Tavern, The Perfect Game

The Perfect Game

By Paul Charron

In baseball, there is one and only one pinnacle of excellence. It is not the home run, a world series win, nor even a perfect shutout three-game sweep of the Phillies by the NY Mets on May 28, 2010.

No, the greatest event in baseball is a PERFECT GAME.

No runs. No hits. No walks. In one hundred and forty years of Major League baseball, there have been only twenty-four perfect games. That is twenty-four out of twenty-four thousand games. .001 percent!

Lost Colony Tavern, tap take over

Tap Take Over

By Paul Charron

Tap take over at Barefoot Bernie's this weekend!


By Paul Charron


Lost Colony Tavern, OUR RALLYING CRY

Our Rallying Cry

By Paul Charron

As we start the second week of the new year, I thought it would be a great time to reaffirm what it is that we are trying to accomplish both to our great staff and our wonderful customers.

We brew traditional British Isle beers using British malt, hops, yeast and water.

Why? Because I love British Ales.

 Beers that are imported lose their flavor.

 A stout made with Canadian malt and American hops is not the same beer you would find in a cozy Irish pub.

Lost Colony Tavern, What the hell is malt

What the Hell Is Malt

By Paul Charron

“Malt is the soul of beer.”

“This beer is a malt bomb.”

“We use imported malt”

That’s all great, but what the hell is MALT!

Do you remember grade school science? I do.

 In one class we took a seed, I think it was a lima bean, and placed it in a wet paper napkin. We kept the seed wet and warm for days. Eventually, the seed sprouted. We saw a root come out one end and a spout come out the other. (Yep, Sister Maureen Agnes Of Saint Ignatius Loyola Grammar School started me down my beer brewing road.)

Lost Colony Tavern, wine has terroir why not beer

Wine Has Terroir Why Not Beer

By Paul Charron


What is terroir?

sounds like “tare WAHr”

Terroir is how a particular region’s climate, soils and aspect (terrain) affect the taste of wine. Some regions are said to have more ‘terroir’ than others.

But what about beer?

Lost Colony Tavern, Beer School 101  Beer Myth " Cold beer that gets warm."

Beer School 101 Beer Myth " Cold Beer That Gets Warm."

By Paul Charron

A Beer Myth That Won't Go Away!


Insisting that beer can spoil if it goes from cold to warm to cold again is wrong.

Stop it, stop it now!


I don’t know who started this insane idea, but I am guessing some beer geek blogger in his parent’s basement.  He did this, I am sure, right after giving a one-star yelp review to the restaurant that wouldn’t take his third party out of state checks.