Lost Colony Tavern

By Paul Charron | Thursday, April 4, 2019
Lost Colony Tavern, Beer Ranger rescues

The Beer Ranger truck had a busy week. Not only were we pouring Lost Colony Ales at six Taste of the Beach events we assisted in a few rescues.

Monday… A stranded college couple had a flat tire on NC 12 on Pea Island. Stopped to help when I noticed they were jacking the car up from the, as the gentlemen stated, the high side because the other side was where the flat was. Bless their hearts. (insert millennial joke here.) I will not say what college they attended but it is located west of Virginia.

Tuesday…….  Arrived at Duck Woods Country Club to deliver beer when I noticed the mulch and a small bush were on fire. Waited to see if the BURNING BUSH had a message for me, then ran inside to ask for a fire extinguisher. Still don’t know who asked me WHY I needed a fire extinguisher.

Wednesday …...  I was driving home on the beach road at night when a dog decided to cross the road SLOWLY and then proceeded to stay in the road. With Beer Ranger lights flashing I blocked the road and corralled a very unfriendly pooch. It was then that a very unfriendly owner shouted from the porch of a beach rental three house down a side street “what the hell are you doing with my dog”.  I explained Southern Hospitality to him using my NYC vocabulary. I believe the dog’s name was Speed Bump.

Thursday…… Early in the morning Manteo’s finest pointed out a blown head light on the Beer Response Vehicle. As a law-abiding citizen, I promptly (at 9pm that night) went by the auto parts store. I will not say which one but the name rhymes with Rain-Dance Otto. They closed at 8pm, or at least they thought they did. I pulled open the door to a very polite alarm telling me the front door had been opened.  I thought it was their version of a shop’s doorbell it was so quiet. A quick search of the store told me someone had left the shop unlocked. I thought “damn if only I discovered an unlocked brewery.” Then I thought “wait you own a brewery.” Manteo’s finest was called while I guarded the door. I got my head light. (In the morning!)      note to self; have brewery alarm changed to loud “get the hell out”

Saturday……...After a Beer School class at the brewery, a NC Forest Ranger found a wallet with the contents spread all over the road a few miles away. While rounding up the pieces he found a Lost Colony receipt from minutes before. He delivered the wallet cash and credit cards to the brewery. Quick to the Beer Mobile! The owner was tracked down at Mulligan’s Old Nags Head Cottage Restaurant and Bar. Do not ask me how, a Beer Ranger just knows. She had left the wallet on the roof of the car while she took selfies in the parking lot. She was not the driver of said car.

 Oh, and a shout out to the Lone Fire Ranger who rescued the wallet, we never did get his name.            He did get a beer reward.

About the Author Paul Charron
Owner, Lost Colony Brewery and Cafe