Lost Colony Tavern

By Paul Charron | Friday, February 1, 2019
Lost Colony Tavern, brewery help needed

Our beer factory is looking for some Oompa Loompas.

Well actually one good Oompa Loompa now and then another in about a month.

With our expansion we need more help.

Now, before all the couch potato, beer champions get too excited, let me say this, WE DO NOT DRINK BEER ALL DAY!

The right candidate needs to be mildly mechanically inclined, able to lift 50lbs (with or without grunting), follow strict procedures and tolerate all genres of music from blue grass to classical to rock.  Led Zeppelin is, however, strictly forbidden.

The job is in Stumpy Point N.C., so you need a car. It is only twenty-three minutes from down town Manteo. You can get your Zeppelin fix in on the way down.

Your job will entail, washing beer kegs, bottling beer, canning beer, stacking beer, labeling beer bottles, and helping maintain a clean brewery.

Please contact Paul Charron at 252 305 3666.

About the Author Paul Charron
Owner, Lost Colony Brewery and Cafe