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By Paul Charron | Sunday, December 9, 2018
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Caribbean Beer Reviews

What do you do when your wife, the boss lady, insist you do NOTHING while on vacation?

Me I panic, then obey orders.

So, for our 30th anniversary we are in the Bahamas and while doing nothing I am tasting Bahamian beer and visiting breweries. I thought since so many thirty travelers visit these islands, I would give my two cents worth on their beers.

First, let me say this, beer geeks will need to chill. Seriously, log off untapped and put down your smartphones. Beer brewed in the islands are extremely light in flavor color and taste. They are meant to quench a thirst in this warm sunny environment not get 5 stars from #CHAD IN CHAPEL HILL who drinks nothing, but artisanal sours infused with Shitake mushrooms brewed one pint at a time in a Shogun monastery.

We’ll start with Sands.

First poured in 2007, Sands is the bestselling of the four local beers from the Bahamian Brewing Company.  It is a light golden lager in the tradition of Caribbean beers, ideally suited to quench a thirst. Read that as “its BUD-ILISIOUS” Well to be honest Budweiser has more going on. (yes, I wrote that).

Sands carries the tagline “Truly Bahamian Beer”. This is for good reasons and to stir up competitive controversy.

Let’s start with the good reasons. The breweries owner, Jimmy Sands, has a history that goes back over 300 years. Did you notice the little guy in the boat on the label? When we visited the brewery, we were told he represents Jimmy’s father, Everett, who was the owner of the local liquor distributor. The $15 million-dollar brewery was designed and built by a 100% Bahamian crew. The name “Sands” was picked by the locals.

“Truly Bahamian “is also meant to take a swipe at Kalik the Bahamas veritable king of beers. It isn’t that Kalik is not made in the Bahamas it is just that it was developed by Heineken and is brewed in a Heineken subsidiary on Nassau.

Sands is a very light tasting beer. Mildly carbonated with a head as white as the sand on the beaches. No surprises for macro- beer drinkers. Sorry to say it is dull, but when you are sitting in a shack bar on the beach with your wife you don’t need distractions, though honestly, I could use a Kitty Hawk Blonde Ale.

Tomorrow Kalik beer.


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Owner, Lost Colony Brewery and Cafe