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By Paul Charron | Monday, December 10, 2018
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Again, let me start with if you are a ‘hop head’, someone seeking the newest ingredient put into a beer, or need every beer to be a religious experience then the island beers may disappoint you.

Kalik is the bestselling Bahamian brand of beer. Though maybe not on the home island of Sands beer. It is made by the Commonwealth Brewery in Nassau which also produce Heineken, Guinness and a nonalcoholic drink called Vitamalt. Commonwealth Brewery Limited launched Kalik in 1988. The brand’s name was derived from the “Kalik, Kalikin’ kalik” sound of the cowbell instrument used in Junkanoo.

You may notice that like Sands the beer is packaged in a clear bottle!

Normally this is a horrible idea. Sun light is the greatest enemy beer has once it is packaged. The ultraviolet light turns great hop flavors into what can only be described as skunk smell.  Where do you drink these beers? Well, everywhere. But you are on the islands, so probably outside with your toes in the sand.

The look of pale yellow, bright, clear beer is enticing. More enticing than a brown bottle, but that brown bottle protects the beer.
Breweries can get away with this ‘Corona look’  by using hop extracts rather than whole hops. Hop extracts are much more stable.

So how does it taste. Like a U.S. macro beer. Better than most. A little bit better than Sands, but you must drink a lot of each to tell the difference. I did and you’re welcome.

Like my personal beer punching bag, Budwieser, these beers ARE hard to brew. Any off flavor in an incredibly light tasting beer will be noticed.  So, props to Kalik for a consistent beer, light in flavor with a tiny bit more hops than Sands.

Tomorrow a beer with a dark history but light color, El President. (I am off to the beach pub)


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