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By Paul Charron | Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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“What I do When Sharon Says Don’t Work”

Best Beers I’ve had in the Bahamas (drum roll please)

Hatteras Red

Charon Stout

Nags Head I.P.A.

To paraphrase an old American Express commercial “I NEVER leave home without them”

Before anyone cries foul here is why these beers count.

  1. We are on Grand Bahama Island, except for Sands Beer, most beers come from other islands.
  2. Hatteras Red, Charon Stout and Nags Head IPA do come from islands, the barrier islands.
  3. They were served by a bartender in commercial beach bars. (me)

Hatteras Red is a true Irish Red Ae. The red coloring comes from the small amount of roasted barely used in the grain recipe. The slight bitterness from the roasted grain makes this a perfect thirst quencher on a hot beach.

“But, Paul, who would drink a beer with color and body in this heat?”  you ask.  Well, millions of people would and do. One of the top selling beer styles in hot climates is stout. More people drink Guinness in Nigeria then they do in Ireland!

It is that whole “less filling, HAS taste”, to paraphrase another old commercial.

Stouts generally have less alcohol than other styles. Less alcohol means less calories and carbs, which in turn means less filling.  And as far as taste goes, Charon Stout certainly has more taste then macro-style lagers.

Ever do a hard job in the heat? Dig a ditch, mow the yard, go for a run? The last thing you crave is a sweet syrupy drink. You need a little bitterness to quell your thirst. Therefore, we turn to bitter drinks like iced tea, lemonade and the original Gatorade. Bitterness is one of the reasons why beer has hops. Therefore, Nags Head IPA was perfect down here in the heat.

And as far as the hardest job to do in the hot sun on a beach, that was Sharon trying hard not turn her head when the stud in a speedo walked by. She earned an IPA.


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